Gonzalo’s Deep Carpet Cleaning in Balham SW12

If you’re having trouble getting rid of stubborn, worn-in stains, or hard-to-shift blemishes on your household carpets, then help is at hand talk to us now about Gonzalo’s deep carpet cleaning in Balham SW12, and enjoy a professional service delivered by our extensive trained and experienced team!

Gonzalo’s carpet cleaners in Balham SW12 follow a rigorous, tried and tested method so when you book us for a carpet deep clean, this is what you get:

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  • We’ll come to your house, with cleaning equipment and a range of shampoos and conditioners.
  • Before cleaning, we will remove all furniture and fittings from the area for cleaning.
  • A stronger detergent is used to treat more resilient stains.
  • Next our staff shampoo thoroughly, before vacuum cleaning.
  • By injecting shampoo into the weave, we deliver a deep clean to the carpet.
  • It is at this stage that we will be able to treat your carpets with protective Scotchgard, if you require it.
  • The next stage is to rake the fibres of your carpet, in order to help it dry.
  • We then return your furniture, adding layers of foil to protect contamination at contact points.
  • Before leaving, we will provide you with protective overshoes designed to keep your drying carpets free from contamination. Drying typically takes three-four hours, and can be improved by leaving a window open.

The results really do speak for themselves just take a look at our reviews page now! Here you’ll be able to read through testimonials left for us by some of our past customers, and find out why they’ve rated us as the one of the finest carpet cleaning companies in Balham SW12.

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We Can Clean Any Floor Type:

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Gonzalo’s deep cleaning procedures are removing record amount of dirt and soil from your carpet as we have refined them over the course of 10 years. In reality many people think that deep carpet cleaning is some kind of cleaning method or technique but nothing could be further from the truth. In this case the word “deep” only signals that these treatments are able to reach deep to the bottom of the fabric and extract sufficient amount of dirt and soil.

We offer world class hot water extraction, as we use state of the art truckmount systems and our technicians have years of experience in the field, allowing them to provide superb performance. By using steam cleaning our experts are able to remove soil and noticeably improve the brightness of your rug. We recommend this treatment to home owners who have little kids and pets as the carpet often becomes a place full of allergens and dirt which may cause health issues to your loved ones. The hot water basicly eradicates all bio contaminants such as bed bugs, mites, mold, microbes and viruses and thus makes your home environment much safer. And even better, by cleaning your carpet this way, the fibers would be freed from dirt and their air filtering ability would be restored, effecting in significantly better quality of inhouse air.

In contrast dry powder cleaning uses no moisture, however this allows for much shorter service time, which is why it is getting more and more popularity. Commercial facilities such as restaurants, hotels and offices are prefering it since they cannot afford many hours of down-time. But absorbent compound cleaning is also used for domestic purposes, in reality moisture sensitive rugs cannot be cleaned any other way. We put s serious effort to minimise resoiling, this is why we abstain from using tough chemicals and our powders consist of natural ingredients which leave no residues.

What Clients Say?

Very glad to recommend your carpet cleaning services to others. We were delighted with your dedicated work ethic, not to mention the great results!

Mr P. Tucker, Balham SW12

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